Ofitzone has trained over 1,00,000 members changing their lifestyle. We are the first in Lucknow to provide all the essential Gym services under one roof. With best of the best infrastructure, we are one of the leading brand among all our competitors. Ofitzone has been the no. #1 fitness brand across Lucknow since 1999. With 14 active centers and 120+ employees including our expert trainers, managers and supervisors, Ofitzone has always took the fitness in priority.

We believe, that gym is not only a place where a person visit and exercise to look great but also to develop their personality and confidence that transform their way of living. Its a fact that only Hard Exercise will not makes one healthier but its the mind that makes you stronger. Our environment is being developed by keeping the fact in mind to not only provide you the excellent services but also to create memory of a lifetime.


The iconic "Ofitzone" brand was founded on 24th October, 1999 by Mr. Rahul Rathour. He laid the foundation at his own house at Jankipuram, Lucknow, which was later shifted to Ram Ram Bank, Aliganj, Lucknow with a world class infrastructure with an area of 5000 square feet. Our center was the first largest fitness center in Lucknow. Since then we have grown a lot.


We are now one of the largest fitness center in Lucknow, trained more than 1 Lac members. Our main objective is transforming lives by enhancing their life style, helping them achieving their fitness goals and spreading happiness. We are proud to say that more people achieve their health and fitness goals at Ofitzone than any other fitness center in the city.



Mr. Rathour started his career as a Judo Player in 1989. When he was in High School, he won The Gold Medal at District, State and National Level. At the same period, Mr Rathour started Arm Wrestling and  awarded with The Gold Medal at District and State Level. From 1993 - 2000 he was an all India Arm Wrestling Champion.


Mr. Rathour started body building in 1996 and grabbed the title of Mr. Lucknow (Lucknow Shri) and Mr. Lucknow Senior (Lucknow Shresht) in 1997. It was just a beginning for him and in 1998 he won the Title of Mr. UP Shri and in the same year he was awarded as Mr. India (Bharat Kishore).


On 24th October, 1999 Mr. Rathour laid the foundation of Ofitzone at his own House and later shifted the Branch to a Commercial place and it was the starting of a tremendous journey and impressive growth of Ofitzone and soon Ofitzone covered the entire city with world class infrastructure and latest equipment.

Mr. Rathour is not only the C.E.O. of Ofitzone but also the President of Uttar Pradesh Body Building Association. He believes that Hard Work, Love, Blessing, Honesty and Commitment are the Five basic building blocks of success. With his dedication in his career, Mr. Rathour achieved an impressive success and much Love and Support from his Family & Friends. For Mr. Rathour, its not an end but a beginning of something more amazing!


Today, there is a growing emphasis on looking good, feeling good and living longer. Increasingly, scientific evidence tells us that one of the key to achieving these ideals is fitness and exercise. To achieve your fitness goals, it may require some determination and commitment to make regular activity a part of your daily activity. Ofitzone’s main objective is to provide you a fitness program which enables you to perform up to your potential, helps you look, feel and do your best. More specifically, it helps you to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly with energy left over for enjoying leisure-time activity with family and friends and meeting emergency demands.


  • Ofitzone is the largest fitness centre in Lucknow.

  • Ofitzone has 14 prime located centres and continuously growing.

  • Ofitzone is the first fitness centre in the city to introduce cardio, aerobics, strength training, passive therapies, spas, etc. under one roof.

  • Ofitzone provides one-stop, affordable exercise and diet information.

  • Ofitzone has the 45 minute workout training session, that can burn up to 500 to 700 calories.

  • Ofitzone Smart Package is your customized personal coach that maximize workout results and provides instant feedback.


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